used for graffiti cleaning


Our graffiti cleaning and removal process vary depending upon type of surface.  Pressure cleaning is ideal for clearing from brickworck buildings, walls and other concrete base structures.  Chemical removal is the process of choice for some surfaces and can be used on brickworck, concrete, wood and metal surfaces.  I have been trained to remove graffiti by a well known company TENSID UK PLC 


Graffiti process cleaning


 Pressure washing equipment can be used for graffiti cleaning using water or water in conjunction with a solvent to remove graffiti from a surface. The best results are achieved with a solvent and hot Water pressure washing.


Graffiti removal chemicals



Chemical graffiti products very, generally speaking the stronger the solvent the quicker it will dissolve or remove paint stronger solvents required safety measures and personal protection equipment.   we ensure the solvent cleaner is properly matched to the right materials.  Solvent selection is critical, jobs will require an industrial product that requires professional application.  We use a variety of chemicals to remove graffiti.